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AEON Edition 4 - Assembly & Setup FAQ

We explain the APS and other unique features of the AEON so you can get the most out of your new Shisha.

Introducing our new Bundle & Save Shisha options

Now you can save on your accessories with every Hookah purchase, simply said Bundle & Save!

AEON - What is the difference between the different versions, and why is AEON better then others?

We explain what exactly the differences are between the different AEON versions.

Steamulation® Shisha has arrived in Australia - Introduction to this high-tech Hookah!

We introduce the unique technology of renowned Steamulation® Shishas.

The cult classic of glass Hookahs - Dschinni® Skyline Shisha

Everything you need to know about the German cult classic Shisha - Dschinni® Skyline

The new Stealth Bomber Hookah by Dschinni® Shisha

Introducing the bold new Dschinni® Stealth Bomber Hookah

The Dschinni® Gamer Hose V2A for your Shisha / Hookah - Handsfree smoking on the next level

Introducing the Dschinni® Gamer Hose V2A for your Shisha / Hookah (independent video review included).

Forget overpriced Meduse® Shishas - Dschinni® Black Widow and Aqua are back!

We introduce the already popular Dschinni® Aqua and Black Widow, the "cocktail Hookahs" for the everyday smoker!

Genesis® 450 Shisha - The Predator/Brodator® successor

Introducing the spectacular new Genesis® 450 Shisha by the guys behind Brodator® Hookah!

New brand alarm: Animal Hookah®

New brand alarm: Animal Hookah® and their first model Diamond Rhino!

The new Hookah Cartel® Bonnie/Clyde by Dschinni® Shisha

Introducing the new Hookah Cartel® Bonnie/Clyde by Dschinni® Shisha

The new Hookah Cartel® Botan/Mezra by Dschinni® Shisha

Introducing the spectacular new Hookah Cartel® Botan/Mezra by Dschinni® Shisha

Shisha / Hookah bowls - glazed or unglazed?

Choosing the right Shisha / Hookah bowl - what is the difference between glazed and unglazed, and the different types?

Shisha Coal 101 - How to get the best out of your new Hookah

Differences between coals can be night and day, and make or break your session.

Shisha / Hookah assembly instructions (illustrated)

Illustration (copyright by Kaya®) that will help with the assembly of most modern Hookahs

Introducing the Dschinni® FLEX Aluminium Shisha / Hookah

Introducing the Dschinni® FLEX Aluminium Shisha - entry-level Shisha of highest quality!

Hot Screen Setup 101 - Shisha Heat Management Head

We describe how to setup the Amy Deluxe® Hot Screen Set for your Shisha/Hookah!

Frequently Asked Questions - Shisha FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Shisha and Hookah FAQ. We answer the most asked questions!

Silicone tobacco heads & hoses - Health & Safety Advice

Be aware when buying silicone Shisha products!

The Amy Deluxe® patented Shisha Chamber System

The Amy Deluxe® patented Chamber System explained - How does it improve your Shisha / Hookah experience?

True Cloudz® Hookah Vape Creme has arrived in Australia

We introduce the True Cloudz® Hookah Vape Creme! Learn how to setup and what True Cloudz® is!

Glass Shishas - Quality 101

The price AND quality difference of Glass Hookahs / Shishas explained.

Hookah Ban in Melbourne? - Is this the end of relaxed nights with a good Shisha?

Australian health groups want Shisha smoke gone from indoors.

Care instructions for your new premium Hookah / Shisha

New purchase? Make sure to follow these care instructions!

Nargilem® ECO 620 and Nargilem® NPS Ultimate™ - The differences between the two Hookahs / Shishas explained

Nargilem® ECO and Nargilem® NPS Ultimate™ might look similar, but there are several reasons for the price difference...

Nargilem® ECO 620 Shisha Introduction

We are introducing the Nargilem® ECO 620.

The Nargilem® NPS Ultimate™ has finally landed in Australia! A hookah for the true Shisha enthusiast!

We take a look at the Nargilem® NPS Ultimate™ Hookah, one of the first and most popular European Shishas. Handmade in...

Shisha / Hookah buyer's guide - What is the difference between a traditional pipe and a modern premium pipe

We explain the difference between the average model and the modern premium model.