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The new Vendetta Hybrid Shisha by Dschinni® / Hookah Cartel®

The new Vendetta Hybrid Shisha by Dschinni® / Hookah Cartel®

Vendetta Hybrid Shisha

"Dschinni® Shisha" (and their sub-brand Hookah Cartel®) is the unquestionable inventor of the modern hybrid Hookahs.

- Optimise and customise to your liking - The cut connections/adapters allow easy connection of molasses catchers and other after market accessories. Easily extend with more hoses using the Vendetta hose adapters for sale in our store.

- Traditional - "Closed Chamber System" is a re-invention of traditional Hookah systems, and allows fast & easy blow-off of excess smoke (blow in once to clear the entire bowl). The closed chamber is also kept lightweight to improve handling. 

- Modern -  Volume-reduction and massive, easy draw is what Dschinni aims to achieve with all its hybrid Shishas. The optimised chamber, special diffusor, low vase volume, and other configurations make this possible. 

- Made to last - High-end V2A stainless steel and borosilicate glass vase make this Shisha one to last for many years to come.

In stock early May 2018! Buy them here and experience a true modern Hookah! We will ship to you fast from our Gold Coast warehouse, no matter if you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, or anywhere else in Australia/New Zealand or the USA!

Posted on 20/04/2018 Product Introductions